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Cluster 6: Working with Linear Measurement

In this cluster, students will recognize the need for standard units of measure. They will estimate and then precisely measure objects using self-selected tools, while developing the understanding that linear measurement involves the iteration of units (i.e., inches, feet, yards, centimeters, and meters). Students will acquire specific skills such as how to align objects to the zero point on the ruler, interpret the meaning of numbers on measurement tools, and draw a connection between the use of physical objects as measurement tools (e.g., paper clips and cubes) and standard measurement tools (e.g., rulers).Through hands-on experiences, students will also learn the inverse relationship between the size of a unit and number of units needed to measure a length. (e.g., It take fewer feet than inches to measure the length of a desk). After having many opportunities to work with measurement tools, students will solve real-world problems involving measurements. (See About this Cluster and the Unpacking Document below for more details on this cluster.)

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