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Cluster 7: Data and Two-Step Problem Solving

In this cluster, students work with the process of data collection as they pose relevant questions, collect data to answer their questions, organize data, and interpret the results. Then, students solve one and two step problems related to the collected data. Students work with both measurement data and categorical data. Measurement data should be based on standard units of linear measure from the previous cluster (e.g., pencil lengths, shoe lengths). With categorical data, objects are sorted into non-numeric categories (e.g., flavors of ice cream, ways students get home from school).  (See About this Cluster and the Unpacking Document below for more details on this cluster.)

Instructional and Assessment Tasks
Alice's Pennies - OA1, NBT5
Allen's Pets - OA1, NBT5
Animal Cards - OA1, NBT5
Apples - OA1, NBT5
Art Contest - OA1, NBT5
Balancing Act - OA1, NBT5
Balloons - OA1, NBT5
Baseball Cards - OA1, NBT5
Basketball Players - OA1, NBT5
Beads - OA1, NBT5
Beanbag Toss - OA1, NBT5
Bottle Caps - OA1, NBT5
Box of Apples - OA1, NBT5
Butterfly Garden - OA1, NBT5
Cinnamon and Chocolate Candy - OA1, NBT5
Daniel's Stickers - OA1, NBT5
Daniella's Bracelets - OA1, NBT5
Emma and Avery's Mystery Books - OA1, NBT5
Erick's Marbles - OA1, NBT5
Favorite Pizza Toppings - MD10
Field of Horses - OA1, NBT5
Grace's String - MD5, OA1
How Many Candles are Left? - OA1, MD6
Imani's Pinecones - OA1, MD6
Jada's Apples - OA1, NBT5
Jalen's Marbles - OA1, NBT5
Jayden's Baseball Cards - OA1, NBT5
Joe's Toy Cars - OA1, NBT5
Joel's Trip to the Store - OA1, NBT6, MD8
John's Baseball Cards - OA1, NBT5
Jordan's Coins - NBT8, OA1, NBT6
Juan's Comic Books - OA1, NBT5
Juan's Markers - MD10
Kevin and Matthew's Rocks - OA1, NBT5
Lego's - OA1, NBT5
Linda's Kittens - OA1, NBT5
Luke and Josh's Books - OA1, NBT5
Martina's Run - MD5, OA1
Measuring Fabric for a Quilt - MD5, OA1
Nevaeh's Jewel's - OA1, NBT5
Pieces of Candy - OA1, NBT5
Puzzle Pieces - OA1, NBT5
Raisins - OA1, NBT5
Red and Blue Team - OA1, NBT5
Sam's Baseball Cards - OA1, NBT5
Science Fair - OA1, NBT5
Second and Third Grade Students - OA1, NBT5
Soccer Team - OA1, NBT5
Sparkle Markers - OA1, NBT5
Stuffed Animals - OA1, NBT5
Sue's DVDs - OA1, NBT5
Swimming Fish - OA1, NBT5
The Jumping Contest - OA1, MD6
The Party - OA1, NBT5
The School Fund Raiser - OA1, MD8
The Zoo - OA1, NBT5
Throwing the Ball - OA1, NBT5
Toy Cars - OA1, NBT5
Tyler's Piggybank - OA1, NBT6, MD8

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