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Resources for this website were created by educators from across North Carolina in conjunction with consultants from the Department of Public Instruction.

Tools for Teachers Project
Over a period of eighteen months beginning in spring 2017 through summer 2018 educators in the Tools for Teachers Project created new materials for this website and assisted in revising existing resources to match the Instructional Frameworks for grades K-5. Thirty-two writers, consisting of classroom teachers, district coaches, and university faculty from across North Carolina developed lessons, tasks, and other resources that were field tested by over a hundred pilot teachers in grade-level groups.

Members of the Tools for Teachers Project were Kelly Delong, Dr. Kayonna Pitchford, Dr. Katherine Mawhinney, Dr. Drew Polly, Dr. Katie Schwartz, Jeane Joyner, Dr. Wendy Rich, Marta Garcia, Dr. Ana Floyd, Leanne Daughtry, Tery Gunter, Martha Butler, Felisia Gulledge, Dawne Coker, Lynne Allen, Leigh Belford, Carol Midgett, Laura Baker, Danielle Long, Carly Morton, Dianne Wells, Isaac Wells, Meg McKee, Robin Hiatt, Kaneka Turner, Lisa Garrison, Shelly Harris, Deanna Wiles, Susan Copeland, Brandi Newell, Rebekah Lonon.

Pilot sites included Cumberland County Schools and Capitol Encore Academy (Kindergarten); Union County (First Grade); Henderson County (Second Grade); Kannapolis City Schools, Richmond County Schools, and STARS Charter School (Third Grade); Asheboro City Schools and Randolph County Schools (Fourth Grade); and Johnston County Schools (Fifth Grade).

With support from both Tools for Teachers and the Sandhills Mathematics Leadership Project, writers created resources for grades 6-8: Dr. Michelle Stephan, Dr. Katherine Mawhinney, Alisan Royster, Cindy Farmer, Wendy Lewis, Anna Coats, Danielle Sturkie, Julie Cline, Katie Hancock, Melanie Richie, Gemma Mojica, Susan Davis, Chris Cline, Stacy Wozny, Rob Leichner, Patience Allen, Tory Cox, Julie Felix, Tisa Futch.

K-5 Collaborative Instructional Framework
The K-5 NC2ML team collaborated with partner educators across the state to suggest a statewide instructional framework for schools and districts to use when implementing the new standards in the 2018-2019 school year. Led by Dr. Katherine Schwartz from East Carolina University, 67 members of the writing teams, which included NC DPI consultants, classroom teachers, school-based and district leaders, and higher education faculty created the Collaborative Instructional Frameworks over a six-month period beginning in July 2017 with multiple opportunities for feedback from stakeholders state-wide.

The members of this K-5 Framework Team included:
Alyson Boone                    Guilford County Schools
Amanda Hagen                 Guilford County Schools
Amy Scrinzi                         NCDPI
Ana Floyd                            Randolph County Schools
Andrea Green                     Edgecombe County Schools
Arren Duggan                     UNC-Greensboro
Barbara Heufel                   Ashe County Schools
Brandi Newell                    Cumberland County Schools
Carol Midgett                     Consultant
Carrie Lee                            East Carolina University
Cathlin Albert                     Richmond County Schools
Courtney Mills                    Consultant
Crystal Cabral                     Wake County Schools
Dawne Coker                      Cumberland Schools
Denise Schulz                      NCDPI
Drew Polly                           UNC-Charlotte
Ellen Gilbert                        Guilford County Schools
Frederique Yova                  NC State University
Hannah Smith                     Cumberland County Schools
Jeane Joyner                        Meredith College
Jenny Salsgiver                   Edgecombe County Schools
Kaneka Turner                     Mecklenburg County Schools
Katherine Klynstra              Cumberland County Schools
Katie Schwartz                    East Carolina University
Kay Middleton                     East Carolina University
Kayonna Pitchford              UNC-Pembroke
Kelly DeLong                       Richmond County Schools
Kerri Richardson                  UNC-Greensboro
Kristin Beaman                    Edgecombe County Schools
Kristine Schmitt                   Buncombe County Schools
Laura Baker                          Kannapolis City Schools
Leanne Daughtry                 Johnston County Public Schools
Leigh Belford                       East Carolina University
Lisa Poling                            Appalachian State University
Lisa Suther Johnson            Cumberland County Schools
Mandy Keziah                      Ashe County Schools
Meg McKee                          Buncombe County Schools
Megan Lawson                    Lenoir County Schools
Melanie Carnes                    Richmond County Schools
Melissa Manning                 Lenoir County Public Schools
Robin Hiatt                            Johnston County Public Schools
Susan Copeland                   Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
Susan K. Poe                          Ashe County Schools
Temple Walkowiak               North Carolina State University
Tyrette Carter                        North Carolina A&T State University

6-8 Collaborative Instructional Framework
Members of the North Carolina Collaborative for Mathematics Learning (NC2ML) sponsored the development of the 6-8 Collaborative Instructional Framework beginning in July, 2017. Twenty individuals from NC DPI, classroom teachers, district leaders, and university faculty worked together to a) read research about pacing guides, student learning progressions, and standards, b) determine the best clusterings per grade level based upon research, when possible, and c) wrote this draft of the framework. The draft was then sent to all NC middle school mathematics teachers and teacher leaders across all districts for review and comment. The 6-8 Collaborative Team then revised the Instructional Framework for implementation in Fall 2018.

The members of the 6-8 Collaborative Team included: Jen Arberg, Lisa Ashe, Stefanie Buckner, Caroline Butler, Chris Cline, Tara Costenoble, Dr. Deborah Crocker, Jill Hooley, Robert Leichner, Kim McCuiston, Dr. Katherine Mawhinney, Dr. Gemma Mojica, Nicolette Morgan, Joseph Reaper, Claudette Reep, Dr. Luke Reinke, Melanie Richey, Audrea Saunders, Patricia Shumaker, Dr. Michelle Stephan, and Stacy Wozny. These mathematics professionals represent the four main regions of NC as well as urban, rural, and charter schools. Special thanks to Joseph Reaper and Lisa Ashe from NC DPI for providing guidance and checking for consistency among the framework and DPI resource documents.


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