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Organization of this Website:

Grade Level Material Access: When a grade level is selected from the home page, you are directed to a cluster page where you can access a table that will take you to each materials for each cluster. Underneath the table are links to the full documents for the NC Standards, Unpacking Document and Instructional Framework for that grade. From the individual cluster pages you can access lessons, tasks, additional resources, parent letters as well as the unpacking document and Instructional Framework for that cluster.

How Documents Download: All word documents download  in your computer’s download file or at the bottom of your screen. PDF documents open in a new tab and are able to be previewed before downloading. We want teachers and district leaders to be able to download and modify materials to fit the needs of students/staff, so most all documents have been uploaded as word files. Once all lessons and tasks have been uploaded (by September at the latest date), a pdf file will be created and added to the top row of each table so all lessons or tasks for that cluster can be previewed or printed with one click. Then only documents that teachers need to modify can be searched and downloaded from the word files. 

Features of this website:

Table Search: Each table has a search bar in order for documents relating to a specific standard to instantly be located. Specific documents or topics can also be located in the search bar. All standards have been loaded in short cut form with no periods. Example: NC.3.NBT.1 is listed only as NBT1 – grade level numbers are not needed since documents are only housed on grade level pages.

 Navigation: The Grade Level Number/Letter  can be clicked at any point in the website and you will be directed back to the cluster page for that grade level. The Header and Footer are on every page for easy access to the home page or popular links.


Contact Information

NCDPI staff are responsible for answering questions about the NC Standard Course of Study and interpretations of the mathematical content. Please contact Denise Shultz at [email protected] for elementary questions. Secondary contacts are Lisa Ashe ([email protected]) and Joseph Reaper ([email protected]).

The Instructional Framework was created by a group of NC educators. For questions about the framework, please contact Dr. Katie Schwartz at [email protected]. The framework was written as a way to organize the NC Standards by clusters of standards that support a mathematical content area. The Tools4Teachers Team elected to use the Instructional Framework as the way to organize the materials for this grant.

Please note that the Tools4Teachers project was tasked with the goal of creating and revising materials/resources for the new mathematical standards. While the grant has officially ended, most materials have been uploaded as Word documents so teachers/districts may make necessary changes or modifications. Every effort was made to have these documents error and typo free; unfortunately, an occasional error may still be found.  We hope you find these resources helpful. We appreciate the collaborative effort of teachers across the state on helping provide input for these materials.